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Energy Healing Services

Welcome to the place where things start to make sense

Do you sometimes feel like your own worst enemy? Knowing that things could be different if only you could get past that one stumbling block where you keep sabotaging yourself.


Do you wish you could just be yourself or that other people would be able to see the real you? 

Do you want to feel empowered ? Be the driving force in your own life instead of being at the mercy of other people and forces? 

The answer to these issues lies in your own subconscious mind and together we can get to the root cause, release these old patterns and transform them.
These transformations will bring new vitality, energy and peace into your life, giving you time and energy to flourish places where you feel contracted and small and open up new areas of flourishing. 

Sophia is a specialist in subconscious and epigenetic reprograming and has also been working with different forms of energy healing and holistic massage for over 20 years, having a diverse range of tools to bring to the sessions.


Instead of offering separate modalities, she works with you and her intuitive senses to find the best approach to work through your issues. She has found that a synergistic blend of using different modalities at different points in the sessions is what yields the best results.


However, if you only want to work with a specific modality such as PSYCH-K, Emotion Code, Body Code, or Shamanic clearing work, that is fine too - just let her know in the booking form.

1-1 Online Sessions

Please note: All 1-1 sessions listed below (excluding the chakra tune up) may include PSYCH-K, Emotion Code, Body Code or other suitable healing modalities - the sessions are distinguished by length of time instead type so that you can get the best course of treatment for your issue. 

The easiest first step is to book a Consultation call to discuss your options, and how I best can help you.

Not sure what to do next?

"It is my belief that everyone has access to an awakened state within. That inside, there is a version of you that is whole, fearless, joyful and perfect, simply waiting to be rediscovered and activated. This is why my healing practice is called Awakened Potential - because it is All Ready Here, just waiting for you to realise!


Along the journey of life, we can forget and lose sight of this wonderful truth and that is when things tend to be a painful, arduous struggle. 


I have dedicated my life to finding that awakened state once more, through re-programming old beliefs, re-perceiving old traumas, releasing stuck energy and transcending perceived limitations, and now I help others to do the same. Through various processes and techniques, my clients discover that they are able to step into a truer version of themselves, a freer state of being, and they can embrace the life that they desire and deserve. 


Are you ready to take the journey?  


If the answer is yet - Plant a seed today and book a free consultation

Plant a seed

"I experienced Sophia's sessions after seeing my partner's success...

...I suffered from anxiety and always felt it was holding me back. After only a couple of sessions there was a noticeable difference (subtle, however, noticeable!). We worked on transforming the perception of a childhood event and my fear of spiders. Over time I found other shifts within unfolding and loved the affirmations we came up with. I remain forever grateful for her services with the positive changes I've experienced. Thank you for your commitment to help others transform their lives. With love and gratitude"

Tiffany, Energy Wizard, Shamanic Practitioner, and Holistic Body Worker

If you have any questions, or would like to book an out of hours session, please fill in the contact form or book a consultation call

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