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What is the Belief Code ?

The Belief Code® is a ground-breaking new healing modality, which builds on foundational concepts taught in the Emotion Code® and the Body Code™, and takes energy healing even further.


The Belief Code allows you to:

  • Release negative belief systems and create space for new empowering thoughts!

  • See yourself and the world around you in a whole new light.

  • Release belief systems that your body held on to, long after your mind let them go.

  • Create space for new, empowering beliefs.

  • Reprogram your mind and dramatically change your outlook.

  • Free your mind, body, and spirit from beliefs that have been holding you back!

Sessions are conducted online, over the phone or fully remotely. It is a super simple process which requires very little effort, but which can have incredible impact - all you need is to bring yourself an a magnet!

The Belief Code is also safe and easy to use on behalf of children. Due to the simplicity of the protocol, sessions can also be done fully remotely after which notes will be sent to explain what has been done. Please contact me through the contact form of by phone if you would prefer to work in this way.

Ready to get started?

  • Deconstructing old beliefs for your ultimate freedom

    45 min

    144 British pounds

Not sure if this is for you?

Book an online consultation using the link below, or to book an out of hours session, please fill in the contact form 

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