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What is the Emotion Code  ?


Do you ever feel weighed down by old emotional baggage? 

Did you know that there is an easy way to release it so you can get on with living in your present instead of getting stuck because of the past? 

This is the beauty and simplicity of the Emotion Code...

The Emotion Code is an amazing, simple process for identifying and releasing trapped emotions from your body. Normally emotions are felt and then fully processed out of your system. However, sometimes that process doesn't complete and they get trapped as a ball of energy vibrating to the frequency of that emotion.

This will continually send out that frequency signal such as 'anxiety, anxiety, anxiety.....' until it is released. This can cause further energy imbalances leading to pain and dis-ease and a potential of feeling that emotion at the slightest trigger.

Releasing trapped emotions can have a wide range of beneficial effects. It has been known to alleviate all kinds of physical symptoms, pains and emotional issues and to help people feel lighter and let more love into their lives.

It is often the first step towards freedom and is used quite frequently in early sessions. 

Once you are freer of the emotional baggage you begin to feel lighter. 

This brings clarity and space and we can start to add in the new beliefs and perceptions that will support the results that you want be they different life circumstances or improved emotional, physical or mental health. 

Ready to get started?

These are the sessions I recommend if you feel you would like to clear emotional baggage or have chronic health issues.

  • Aligning mind, body & spirit for ultimate health & wellbeing

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    45 min

    111 British pounds

Great for humans and their pets! 

“A few weeks ago (2021), as I did an online session with Sophia, our dog, Maggie, started barking like crazy in the background. I apologised for the noise & explained that our dog, who rarely barked, had started barking a lot in the past week Sophia kindly offered to do the Emotion Code for her. I accepted with curiosity (but was hopeful as I know how much Sophia's work has helped me personally).


A few days later, I noticed a remarkable change in Maggie!!! She literally, stopped barking at everything. Her entire demeanour changed.


Before the session, she had seemed off, we had wondered if she was in heat. She is now back to her calm, loving, content self and it was simply remarkable to hear from Sophia about what had affected her - she had absorbed issues going on for people in our house (it was a turbulent time). I am so grateful to Sophia for helping our dog, who we all adore, and that it was that simple to help her settle. We visited relations recently and they commented on the difference in her. Thank you so much Sophia!“

Ciara, Ireland – Transformational Client May 2020 – June 2021

This is what Dr Bradley Nelson has to say about the Emotion Code
and why it's such a powerful tool for transformation...

Not sure if this is right for you?

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