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Services for Energy Healers

Welcome Energy Healers

Do you sometimes feel isolated in your practice? Wishing there was someone you could consult with about certain client situations?


Do you feel like you have personal blocks that you have been struggling with for ages but no matter what you do for yourself you just cant shift it? 

Do you want to feel empowered and at your best for your clients?

Then you have come to the right place

Sophia is a specialist in subconscious and epigenetic reprograming and has also been working with different forms of energy healing and holistic massage for over 20 years.


She has a passion for helping other healers shine - whether it be by helping them in their own healing journey or giving practical and metaphysical advice when it comes to their healing practice. This is because she has spent countless hours working with clients, in training and receiving holistic and traditional therapy, and knows that sometimes you need someone to hold a mirror before you can see  around the next corner or to illuminate your own blind spots. There are certain issues you just can't handle on your own - and that's ok - in fact it is necessary, because when we face some things, we need to be held. We are communal creatures, and being supported by other members of our community can lift us up to heights greater than we ever imagined. 

Prefer to discuss your options first?

"Working with Sophia quite definitely changed my life. It was her that introduced me to this way of healing and via my experience of this work, I changed the course of my professional life from conventional talking therapy to this work, which I now do myself and believe in wholeheartedly.

A huge benefit for me with Sophia is that she meets me at my level of consciousness and can stretch me beyond it, sometimes seeing things I hadn’t seen. As a practitioner myself and someone who has been on a long spiritual journey, it has not always been easy to find this. She is a true teacher and extremely giving and magnanimous with her energy.

Though I now do this work myself, if I had a blind spot, Sophia is who I would go to in order to uncover the deeper hidden layers of wounding.

Highly recommend her for anyone on the spiritual path. I feel she’s a very advanced soul.”

Louisa Cecilia Compton ~ Subconscious energy healer

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