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"Sophia is a healer in the truest sense of the word - someone who helps you see your own healing potential within. Patient, kind, intuitive and simply a beautiful human being; Sophia accompanied me through a time of lostness and grief. If you ever have the privilege to work with Sophia, which I highly recommend,  she has a plethora of tools at her disposal to help you reconnect with your highest potential."

Suzanne Copiz, Energy Healing Practitioner, Monaco 

"Working with Sophia quite definitely changed my life. It was her that introduced me to this way of healing and via my experience of this work, I changed the course of my professional life from conventional talking therapy to this work, which I now do myself and believe in wholeheartedly. 


A huge benefit for me with Sophia is that she meets me at my level of consciousness and can stretch me beyond it, sometimes seeing things I hadn’t seen. As a practitioner myself and someone who has been on a long spiritual journey, it has not always been easy to find this. She is a true teacher and extremely giving and magnanimous with her energy. 

Though I now do this work myself, if I had a blind spot, Sophia is who I would go to in order to uncover the deeper hidden layers of wounding. 


I highly recommend her for anyone on the spiritual path. I feel she’s a very advanced soul.”

Louisa Cecilia Compton, Subconscious Energy Heale

"Sophia helped me with healing and with my own intuitive abilities through many techniques that she streamed together seamlessly. She helped me to get grounded through guided meditation and channelling crystals. She helped me physically with intuitive massage and energy healing.


She really goes the extra mile to get exactly what your body needs for healing. Additionally she has helped me emotionally and spiritually through purposeful conversations and insightful one-on-ones. She really has a diverse set of skills that can help someone thrive in many aspects of life. Besides being a talented healer she is also intelligent and has a fun sense of humor."

Colin M Powers, Masseur and Psychedelic integration specialist, California 

"Following the Heart wall sessions has been one of the best revelations of my life. This has brought about tremendous change and better understanding in all I encounter within myself, my relationship with others, been working consistently to  improve my awareness and consciousness when the going gets tough.

You have helped and guided me in many ways to allieviate some of the blockages hindering my self esteem, confidence and most of all my well being. 

Learning and growing each day by keeping up  affirmations to help combat any walls threatening to steal my inner peace and learning to love and respect myself. I have made  a lot of improvement, and thank you so much for open that door, letting me in to a brand new me.

May God be with you and bless you."

Merlyn, UK

"The Abundance Breakthrough programme that Sophia took me through was life changing.  2 weeks after the end of it, I found myself totally unexpectedly launching a healing business of my own with 14 clients straight off the bat (of whom 13 are still returning).  This would have been unthinkable previously - not only to have launched something like this, but to have had the confidence to see it through and the success that it has had in such a short period of time.  These are not the sorts of thing that usually happen to me.  I am deeply grateful to have found Sophia and to have had her carefully guide me through this programme, with incredible results."

Guy Shahar, Emotion Code and Body Code Practitioner, UK

"Sophia is a gifted healer who has much to offer. She has incredible insight and compassion. I've benefited from her massage and healing treatments and her unique approach to integration of medicine work. I would recommend her to anyone."

Aaron Meli, Musician and Sound Therapist, Wales

"Sophia has really helped me integrate after attending a  breathwork retreat this past March (2023) in the jungle with her for a week. Her guidance and compassion has really allowed me to continue working through blockages and old programs that needed to be released. I highly recommend her services to anyone who is open to letting go <3 THANK YOU SO MUCH SOPHIA"

Kayla Nugent, Mexico 

"I love working with this woman! Sophia has a lot of gifts to help people that are in need of her special talents. She is a caring and devoted healer that cares about the people that she works with and she give 100% of her talents she’s very knowledgeable, herbs medicines, self-care ... and is a nurturing healer. She will be with you every step of the way to awaken your potential! my Spirit gives her many many great thanks for the healing work and devotion she is an inspiration to us all thank you"

Maria C Gonzalez-Lugo, Spring Hills, Florida 

"Working with Sophia has been a truly transformational and uplifting process. I had been suffering from severe anxiety, amplified immensely by trauma and grief. On some days the anxiety reached such intense levels that I was forced to sit on the sofa for hours waiting for the rage of anxiety to disperse.

I was starting to feel trapped and unable to move forward until two very dear friends of mine gifted me four sessions with Sophia. One of these friends had personally benefitted from incredible results after completing a number of sessions with Awakened Potential.

After the very first session with Sophia my anxiety started to lift within a few days, and this continued to improve over the next three sessions. There has been a significant change in how my body and mind presents anxiety to me. I now feel more in control and some of those feelings of anxiety have turned into glimmers of feeling excited - a feeling I am beginning to re-learn, understand and accept.

I absolutely recommend Sophia and Awakened Potential to anyone with similar challenges to mine. The work she does is truly life changing and I am so thankful to Sophia for everything she has done to help me."

Matt-Mahmood Ogsten, UK 

"To do Ayahuasca is one thing and it is sure an experience that will change every aspect of who we think and believe that we are.

To think that this change will be easy to integrate post Ayahuasca is to think that there will never ever be any ups and downs. Even for me as a long term meditator with all the tools that I do have at my disposal to navigate my life with it was such a help to have the opportunity to have a one on one session with Sophia. It did put things into perspective and be able to understand more about Why things occur and How to deal with emotions and even practicalities.

I can honestly recommend a post Ayahuasca talk for everyone who has drunk Ayahuasca and Sophia is one of the most warm-hearted and tuned in coaches I have had the pleasure to meet.

Professional yet so close and comfortable in her approach. Thank you for ever."

Kelzang Wangmo 

"Sophia is, among many other things, an amazing PSYCH-K facilitator, reiki healer, crystal therapist, plant medicine curandera, and a beautiful and gifted human being"

Cynthia Oppelaar, Trauma Informed Life Coach and Integral Therapist, The Netherlands 

"I had 3 sessions with Sophia following a car accident....I had a real fear of driving following the crash and needed to get back to work as a driving instructor. This was the best decision I ever made, after 3 sessions I was back to work and feeling more confident on the road. Thank you Sophia your amazing!"

Kristina Dunne, Ireland 

"Having recently met Sophia at a workshop in London (2019)I was instantly impressed by her approach to natural and holistic therapies. As I was preparing for a public speaking engagement and feeling very anxious at the time, Sophia came to the rescue and was able to cure my anxiety in one session of Psych-K.  The result was outstanding and I would highly recommend her services to anyone wishing to find results in any area of their life." 

Liz George, London 

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