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What is a Heart Wall?

Do you ever feel like that you have a wall around your heart?
Something that stops you getting hurt, but also that numbs you slightly and prevents you from fully giving and receiving love or feeling uplifting emotions?...

If so, you are just like a vast majority of the adult population. Heart walls are something that we naturally, subconsciously, and sometimes consciously, construct to protect ourselves from emotional pain and suffering throughout our lives. Unfortunately, as we get older, this defence mechanism can back-fire and we can become emotionally numbed and unable to connect with the people we really want to. Other negative consequences of heart walls can range from depression, anger, nervous ticks, issues with speech, paranoia, and a whole host of other things which may manifest as physical, emotional or mental symptoms.

As heart walls are constructed from trapped emotional energy, it is possible to do Emotion Code sessions specifically that discover and release the heart wall.

There can be many emotions that make up this barrier and so it is recommended to have a series of 5, 30 minute sessions over the course of 3-6 weeks to clear it *

*This is based on an average figure. Some heart walls are ‘thicker’ than others. Usually 10-15 emotions can be cleared in a single session, but some people may need more than 5 sessions to complete the heart wall removal process.


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"Following the Heart wall sessions has been one of the best revelations of my life. This has brought about tremendous change and better understanding in all I encounter within myself, my relationship with others, been working consistently to  improve my awareness and consciousness when the going gets tough.

You have helped and guided me in many ways to alleviate some of the blockages hindering my self esteem, confidence and most of all my well being. 

Learning and growing each day by keeping up affirmations to help combat any walls threatening to steal my inner peace and learning to love and respect myself. I have made  a lot of improvement, and thank you so much for opening that door, letting me in to a brand new me.

May God be with you and bless you."

Merlyn - Heart Wall Client, 2020

Here is what Dr Bradley Nelson, the creator of the Emotion Code and Body Code has to say about it and how wonderful it is to be free of it...

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