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Ayahuasca Services

Have you drunk Ayahuasca or are you thinking about doing so? 

Do you know the right questions to ask when looking for a place to drink? 

Do you have the right tools to get the most out of your ceremony experience? 

Do you know how important the integration process is and how much it can increase the benefits of drinking ayahuasca? 

If you have answered no to any of those 3 questions, you would benefit from a session with me

Learning about Ayahuasca prior to taking it is important. You need to know if it is likely to be safe for you as an individual. To know the right questions to ask the people providing the experience so that you can be assured that they know what they are doing and have the correct training and tools to guide you through a safe journey. 


You will benefit so much more from your experience if you find the correct set and setting for you. And if you  know how best to prepare for and integrate the experience so that it can be the gift that keeps on giving, rather than just something (possibly- incredible, scary, wonderful, confusing,....)  that happened in your life. (That you may not know how to place)

Many people don't understand the importance of integration until it's almost too late and they are feeling confused and lost (again). Or possibly worse than they did before they drank, because they had a glimpse of how wonderful they can feel, but now they don't feel that way and so assume they are 'broken', or 'stuck', or like their 'last hope has failed'. Actually, they often just need to apply the lessons that they learned in ceremony or to understand the post ayahuasca journey, which is not a linear path. 

Sophia spent almost 3 years in Peru with the Shipibo drinking ayahuasca and learning from Don Enrirque and his brothers, facilitating retreats and after she left the jungle at the end of 2017 she began doing integration sessions for people who had been in the amazon drinking ayahuasca. Since then, she has had nearly 6 years to integrate her own journey with this powerful brew and the shamanic tradition and has helped many others make sense of their experiences and deepen the lessons so that they continue to grow. 

She also can answer questions for those thinking about drinking and help them make informed choices about the kind of set and setting that may be appropriate for them. And also she is able to help people prepare for the experience so that they can go in empowered, calm and with tools to make the most out of this profound, potentially life changing journey. 

1-1 Online Sessions

"To do Ayahuasca is one thing...


...and it is sure an experience that will change every aspect of who we think and believe that we are. To think that this change will be easy to integrate post Ayahuasca is to think that there will never ever be any ups and downs.

Even for me as a long term meditator with all the tools that I do have at my disposal to navigate my life with it was such a help to have the opportunity to have a one on one session with Sophia.


It did put things into perspective and be able to understand more about why things occur and how to deal with emotions and even practicalities.

I can honestly recommend a post Ayahuasca talk for everyone who has done Ayahuasca and Sophia is one of the most warm-hearted and tuned in coaches I have had the pleasure to meet. Professional yet so close and comfortable in her approach. Thank you for ever." 

Kelzang Wangmo

awakened potential. Ayuhausca .JPG

Preparation and Integration

A talk for the London Psychedelic Society Ayahuasca Symposium June 2019

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