All online services are now BY DONATION!


As we enter a new global paradigm, I have decided to honour the shifts and radically change the way I operate my business.

This is partly to accommodate people who may not be able to afford my services or who are currently experiencing fear and uncertainty, and partly to acknowledge my own journey through those fears to a place where I trust that there is always enough. 

There is a £15 minimum donation in place to acknowledge the energy exchange of the session.

Payments will be requested after each session, so you can really choose to pay what you feel the value of the work is. 

Massive Announcement!

I am also taking part in the wonderful

PSYCH-K® Love Fest❣ 


All over the globe, PSYCH-K® facilitators are offering a single Balance for free, 

transforming negative, fearful or difficult perceptions around what is happening in the world right now.


These sessions last around 20 minutes

and can be booked here

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