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Heart Wall Release: 5 session Package

Bring down the wall around your heart, and reveal your inner radiance - £333

  • 30 min
  • Online Session

Service Description

Do you ever feel like that you have a wall around your heart? Something that stops you getting hurt, but also that numbs you slightly and prevents you from fully giving and receiving love or feeling uplifting emotions? If so, you are just like a vast majority of the adult population. Heart walls are something that we naturally, subconsciously, and sometimes consciously, construct to protect ourselves from emotional pain and suffering throughout our lives. Unfortunately, as we get older, this defence mechanism can back-fire and we can become emotionally numbed and unable to connect with the people we really want to. Other negative consequences of heart walls can range from depression, anger, nervous ticks, issues with speech, paranoia, and a whole host of other things which may manifest as physical, emotional or mental symptoms. Clearing your heart wall can result in feeling more connected, happier, more able to feel gratitude and joy and to notice the beauty that is all around you. You may also notice the quality of your relationships change and may experience unexpected health benefits like improved sleep or reduced pain. As heart walls are constructed from trapped emotional energy, it is possible to do Emotion Code sessions specifically that discover and release the heart wall. There can be many emotions that make up this barrier and so I recommend you have a series of 5 sessions over the course of 3-6 weeks to clear it. * These sessions are laser focussed and work to release all of the emotional baggage and also install supporting beliefs and energies to help you feel more comfortable and confident to live with an open heart. It is a super simple process which requires very little effort, but which can have incredible impact - all you need is to bring yourself and a magnet! As with all of the work that I do, it is also possible to do the work entirely remotely via email - I do the session and you get the benefit. This is especially useful when working on behalf of children or the very sick. To find out more about this option you can send me an message via the contact form, or book a consultation. Or if you know that's what you want, purchase the package and inform me that you prefer to work remotely. *This is based on an average figure. Some heart walls are ‘thicker’ than others. Usually 10-15 emotions can be cleared in a single session, but some people may need more or less than 5 sessions to complete the heart wall removal process.

Cancellation Policy

For 1-1 sessions you can cancel or reschedule your appointment up to 24 hours before the appointment. Changes after this may result in fees. Fees for courses can not be refunded after the start of the course.

Contact Details

0044 7811 149 652

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