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Awakening Your Fullest Potential

This is a bespoke package of 8 hours of work, split into 4-6 sessions. Your program will involve a unique combination of all of the services I provide, in order to reveal and overcome blockages on all levels of your being, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.
This deep work will require commitment on your part, as true healing can only come from within you. I am the guide who can shed illumination and hold the space in which you can transform.
Transmutation is the alchemical process of turning base metal into gold, and it is my belief that in our darkest recesses, and in the toughest issues, lie the most golden opportunities for learning, growth and integration of the most important lesson, unconditional self acceptance. Once we have transmuted our burdens into gifts, we can see with much more clarity and live in a state of love and harmony with ourselves and others, allowing the truth of who we are to shine.

The price includes:

8 hours of 1-1 work: 4-6 sessions over 2-3 months 

Up to 3 personal recorded meditations

Session notes for each session

Up to 4 personal action plans

4 progress tracking phone calls

Guidance through every step of your transformation process 

If you are ready, let's embark on this magical journey together!

Investment: £625

Please send an email enquiry or book using the link below, for a no obligation phone consultation to discuss your needs.

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