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Tarot Intuitive

Guidance Reading

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A Tarot reading can be very helpful when you have a decision to make or need clarity about a certain situation. The cards can reveal possibilities or highlight certain aspects that you may not have considered to be important. They can also show you how your specific hopes and fears about a situation can influence the outcome. 

Sophia  has over 20 years experience with reading the Tarot and uses a variety of decks and spreads. Her aim is to bring insight and wisdom, and not to tell you absolutes as she firmly believes that you are the master of your own destiny and that the power lies within you. 

The sessions are usually conducted as a skype or zoom voice call which is recorded so that you can go back over the reading and glean further insights from it. 

Nothing to book at the moment

I am also available for Tarot Parties where 4 or more people want to have readings, and for running tailored courses about the Tarot. Please enquire for more information or a quotation.

If you have any questions, would like to book on a concessionary day or for a 15 minute phone consultation please fill in the contact form

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