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Healing from a distance has been done by many cultures throughout human history. Using a representation of the person in question, the therapy session is conducted in exactly the same way as it would be done if the person was present. 

The session will be a combination of crystal therapy, reiki and potentially some shamanic work, depending on your needs. Crystals are wonderful tools for anchoring specific energy frequencies into our energy bodies. Their primary gift to us is that their very ordered structure creates an extremely stable energy signature which we can use to bring our own energy field into balance. 

Often the healing session will involve a chakra balance and activation of the Earth Star and Soul Star chakras, allowing you to both receive more spiritual energy, and to ground and connect more deeply into the earth. Chakras are the main energy centres of the body, and each of the 7 main ones are connected to a physical nerve-plexus. When these centres are out of balance, we are unable to receive and interpret energy correctly from our surroundings, and the signal that we transmit can also become fuzzy, like a bad television signal. This in turn affects the way we perceive the world and how we are perceived by others. Balancing these centres can therefore help us to tune in more clearly, receive sustaining life force energy more easily and transmit a healthy signal of our own. 

Some of the advantages of distant healing over a face to face session are:

  • The client can be completely at ease in their home environment or wherever they choose to be

  • The innate wisdom of the client chooses exactly which aspects of the therapy it needs to integrate and receive for it's highest good

  • The client can stay with the energy of the treatment for as long as they like, without the need to leave the space or travel home

There will be a pre-session consultation and an arrangement for a post-session debriefing, but the actual session will be conducted with both parties 'offline'


If you have any questions, would like to book on a concessionary day or for a 15 minute phone consultation please fill in the contact form

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