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This is a unique and bespoke therapy that Sophia has been developing for the last decade. It involves a physical massage with oils, usually starting at the feet and working up the body. The intuition that Sophia receives about areas of pain or blockages in your body, may result in her using crystals, calling in plant allies through singing shamanic medicine songs and working in a much more holistic way than an ordinary massage. 

This massage will not only treat the physical body, but also delve into the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, helping you to shed deep layers of material that is no longer serving you. Sophia is very careful to ensure that all work that occurs is in alignment with your highest good. The session will leave you feeling, lighter, brighter and totally relaxed in body and mind. 

Appointments will be available depending on location. Treatments usually last for 1.5 hours including time for consultation and debriefing. 

Single session £225

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